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Courseboard is a  gamified education platform specifically designed for primary school students. It offers a fun and easy way for children to learn while also allowing them to engage with their peers through quizzes and challenges.

The problem

Transforming Education with Playful Learning

School education is full of challenges. According to a research paper released by the Center On Education Policy (CEP) at George Washington University, majority of students in primary and secondary school are perceived to be unmotivated towards their studies.

Disengaged and bored students are very unlikely to keep up with the academic standards, unless schools find a way to address the lack of motivation shown by these students. On the contrary, motivated students tend to gain a better understanding and show better results in schools.


Lack of Engagement


Limited Interaction


Monotonous Learning

Crafting Engaging Experiences for Young Learners

User Research

As part of user research, my role involved conducting interviews, surveys, and observations to gain insights into the needs, preferences, and challenges of primary school students.

Design System

Creating a comprehensive design system was a crucial responsibility. I developed a consistent set of design elements to maintain a cohesive visual identity across the platform.

User experience and visual design

I prioritised usability, ensuring that students could navigate through the platform effortlessly and understand the content easily. Through wire-framing, prototyping, and iterative design iterations, I aimed to create a delightful learning experience that captivated the young learners and encouraged their active engagement. Additionally, I applied visual design principles to create aesthetically pleasing interfaces that aligned with the preferences and sensibilities of primary school students.


The design process involved user research, creating a design system, and designing an intuitive and engaging user experience (UX). It emphasized usability, visual appeal, and continuous refinement.

User persona


Emily is a creative and imaginative third-grade student who enjoys exploring different subjects. She thrives on interactive and hands-on learning experiences but often feels disengaged during traditional classroom lectures. Emily struggles with staying focused and motivated, and she finds it challenging to grasp complex concepts without visual aids or interactive elements. She desires a more exciting and interactive learning environment that caters to her individual learning style.

Pain Points

😩 Emily often loses interest and motivation in traditional classroom settings, resulting in decreased attentiveness and reduced learning outcomes.

😩 She feels a lack of opportunities to interact and work together with her classmates, hindering her social and teamwork skill development.

😩 Emily faces difficulties comprehending abstract or intricate concepts without visual aids or interactive elements, impeding her overall learning progress.

User Flow

Colours & Typography

The typography choices had to be legible, age-appropriate, and easy to read, ensuring that young learners can understand the content effortlessly. When it comes to colours, a vibrant and lively palette can spark interest and capture the attention of primary school students.

The app

The platform offers an immersive learning experience for primary school students. Through a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, students can explore various subjects, complete interactive lessons, and earn rewards for their achievements.

Students can easily navigate through different subjects, access lessons tailored to their grade level, and track their progress in a personalised dashboard. With this feature, students can take ownership of their learning, fostering a sense of independence and empowerment.


A web app was also designed for the project, ensuring that students can access their learning materials from any device with an internet connection. Whether it's on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, students can seamlessly transition between devices and continue their educational journey wherever they go.

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